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These are written by Power Hypnosis Chicago clients who generously gave permission to use their real names or initials.

SMOKING CESSATION; by Santiago “Jim” Edison

So far not one cigarette. I was very surprised. This is the longest I’ve made it, and it’s been over a year now. Thank you. I used to get the occasional thought in my head the first 2 weeks after I quit but there was no significant physical compulsion that I had to fight ever. Those periodic thoughts were very brief. It really all feels like a distant memory.

QUIT SMOKING; By Marcus Jacob

I wanted to give you and update and let you know that as I approach my second year of being smoke free it has become increasingly easier to fight the small urges I get every now and then. Thanks again for all your efforts in helping remove that monkey off my back.


I had been heavily smoking the last two years. Just hanging out with smokers and going partying all the time turned me into a smoker. I had wanted to quit so many times but could not do it myself. Two sessions of hypnosis made all the difference. Every time I tried to smoke after the hypnosis, cigarettes tasted awful and I felt very guilty. I recommend it to all smokers. Now, as a non-smoker I feel so much better and I can walk up stairs without running out of breath.


Let me start with saying I was a heavily addicted three or more pack a day smoker. I started smoking later in life but when I started I jumped right in with both feet and had been smoking for over 10 years. I tried the patch and zyban to help kick the smoking addiction but with no success. I also had tried hypnosis with another therapist with no success. So needless to say I was somewhat skeptical when going to Marc.

My previous hypnosis experience consisted of the other therapist asking a few questions, playing me a tape, few suggestions given to me, in total lasting no more than 15-20 minutes. I was given a cassette and that was about it. I was given a follow up session that consisted of the same identical steps, suggestions, etc., but no additional cassette since the session was the same as the first.

Wow. Marc was so different from my previous experience! Marc is a true professional hypnotherapist. One of the things that I believe that sets him apart from others is the fact that he takes the time to perform a comprehensive evaluation, an in depth interview, and he listens! With my addiction it did take 5 sessions before I cut down all the way to zero and remained a non-smoker but with each session there was major progress and I was finally able to kick the habit. I was amazed how Marc seemed to be able to customize each session depending on our discussions at the start of each session.

During the process of ending this addiction I had numerous other issues, stresses and triggers to my addiction: work/professional problems, personal/home-life issues, and even a death in the family. Marc not only helped me uncover the triggers but also totally understood my issues with stress. Again on-the-fly Marc would somehow pull out of his magic hat a customized session to address my issues. I always left each session not only better able to control my smoking but better able to handle stress and an overall increasing feeling of general well being.

In addition Marc gave me numerous tools, recommendations, and observations addressing my environment, physical life and personality traits. Marc makes this all easy as he has a way of making you feel comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. It is also very refreshing to see he is technologically up to date providing the option of supplying each custom session on a CD. It was great to load it to my MP3 player and take it with me anywhere!

I believe if you are open and honest with Marc there isn’t anything he couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to help a person with. Again a true Professional! Thanks, very much Marc!


Being a moderate to heavy drinker for the past thirteen years I woke up one morning after a long week of drinking and decided that it was the day to make some serious changes, starting with my drinking habits. After the first meeting with Marc I lost the “desire” to have a drink. Hypnotherapy works. The change to sobriety was easy. I no longer have the urge to go out drinking in the evening like I used to. I don’t wake up any more thinking about my next drink. Life has become more meaningful. With the self hypnosis and meditation exercises that Marc gave me I feel less stressed and more focused. It’s been six weeks and four days since my last drink and my only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner.


Dear Marc, I wanted to take this time to thank you for the remarkable change you have made in my life. I am living proof that your hypnosis really works. At the time I came to you I was drinking almost every night and smoking close to a pack of cigarettes a day, if not more.

After completing 2 sessions with you, I must admit I seemed to still be having a difficult time with both indulgences. Then suddenly within maybe 1 month’s time, I woke up one day and lost all desire to drink or smoke. It’s like a miracle. If you remember I wanted to still be able to have an occasional cocktail and I do. I thought after having one or two that I would want my usual follow up of 3, 4 or 5 but the one or two are enough and I am able to not want anymore.

Thank you Marc; I can live healthy and happy once again. I must also tell you I look and feel so much better already, I can breathe better and no hangovers – yeah!!! Thank you for the wonderful transformation of me.


Hypnosis helped me to rid myself of habits that had troubled me for years. I have now been cigarette and alcohol free for over a year. The weight it has lifted off my shoulders is incredible and the change has been reflected in all areas of my life.


I will be ever grateful for your help in getting me over this at one time seemingly insurmountable obstacle in my life. I now know that getting past addiction can be done with focus and determination. I appreciate you offering to check in with me. Your compassion and consideration are two qualities that truly enable you to excel not only in your profession but as a human being as well. In the meantime, I will definitely continue to use the tools and techniques that you have instilled within me


I saw you in 4.2006 for treatment to stop smoking marijuana. I listened to the CD you made for me during my session every time I thought about wanting to use. It took all of 30 days for me to be off this bad habit. My boyfriend smoked also and after he saw that I was strong enough to do this he also stopped and I am quite happy to say that it has been over a year and we are both over it. I wanted to give credit where credit is due and tell you how much I appreciate the service you provided me. It has changed me in the most positive way and made me and my husband better people, as well as great parents for our son.


My name is Wayne. I am 52 years old. I was searching for any way to stop my 30 year dependency on marijuana. I smoked daily for many years. Even though I have been able to work at a relatively high level, smoking pot was having a serious effect on my personal relationships and zest for life. While searching the internet for solutions, I came across Power Hypnosis and Marc St. Camille. Although somewhat skeptical about the effectiveness of hypnosis, my wife suggested I see Marc. I lost my desire to smoke pot after our first session. I listened to the CD Marc made of our session a couple of times and concentrated on my goal of abstention. We had a follow-up session, and I can gladly report continuing success. My wife is curious about why If this process can be this easy and productive, why the line to Marc St. Camille’s door is not wrapped around the corner. Give him a try. You have a tremendous amount to lose.

FERTILITY; by Meigan Gold

Guess what, I’m pregnant! So I won’t be needing to starting infertility treatment this week. The self-hypnosis, hypnosis CD and meditation all helped my body relax and be more receptive to getting pregnant. I just wanted to share the good news. The sessions with you for quitting smoking, weight loss, and exercise I think made the difference so we could get pregnant. Thanks for your help!


Based on my belief in the power of the mind, I sought the help of Marc St. Camille to help me prepare for the birth of my first child, through hypnosis. I had no idea what to expect as far as the hypnosis process, and when I arrived, I felt a little nervous and a bit guarded. But this feeling soon left, as I sat down and spoke with Marc. Marc was very thorough in his questioning. He wanted to be sure he had all the necessary information and any important details to combine with what he had already learned about me from our phone conversation. We also spoke about meditation, and then focused for a few minutes on breathing. Now fully relaxed, we began the session, and on the spot, Marc spoke words that were tailored just for me. I was very happy with how the session went.

Marc made sure to find out that I best received information visually. So needless to say, my session was filled with guided imagery that would later help my soon-to-be-born daughter and me through 10 hours of active labor.

When that day came, it was far from painless. The fetal monitor read out the intensity of my contractions in two ways, graphically and numerically. We were able to see the intensity in high peaks and numbers that reached 150 and above. I listened to the CD of my session with Marc to help in my self-hypnosis while I was in labor. My husband was baffled at the fact that, at times, I showed no indication of pain, as the monitor displayed high peaks and numbers, indicating intense contractions, sometimes one on top of another. I experienced many of these contractions only as a mild sensation.

I feel that the hypnosis and mental preparations helped me to make it through labor and the delivery of my child, drug-free, allowing my child and me to be fully present, coherent, and safe. Others who were present, commented on what they saw. After delivering my baby girl, my midwife told me that she had never seen a woman as composed as I was.

I had set out a goal, which was to birth naturally, no drugs, no interventions, if possible, so as to make the first moments of my daughters life outside the womb safe, clear, real. I began developing my plan early on in my pregnancy by attending natural childbirth classes which informed and prepared me for what was to come. I practiced meditation for relaxation and focus. But I knew none of this would lessen the pain – only help me to deal with it. So finally, I came to Marc to solidify my preparation and to ensure the experience that I had hoped for. What I took from him, not only added strength to what I had already done to prepare, but at times removed me from pain altogether. Giving birth to my daughter was the most important experience of my life, and physically, the most difficult. Marc St. Camille shared largely in my preparation for this day, and in creating the peaceful atmosphere in which my daughter came into this world. I have much respect for him, and highly recommend him, for it is obvious to me that he has a true gift to help others.


After a poor experience with an epidural in the birth of my first child, I decided to try hypnosis and the power of the mind’s ability to assist the birth of my second. In my eighth month of pregnancy, I contacted Power Hypnosis Chicago to help me prepare. My learned ability to control the situation got me through the delivery of my second child. When I went into labor, I used the hypnosis session recordings, meditation & self hypnosis I was taught by Marc. Everything happened very fast. At one point, I really wanted to give in and have an epidural. However, I couldn’t have it because things were moving too quickly. I could not have made it through the end of the labor without your recordings, so thank you. I had my daughter out in one push. It was intense, but it is over and I feel so much better post-partum than with my first one and my recovery to date has been much swifter. I am truly thankful for the skills I learned from Marc, and I am grateful I had the opportunity to experience childbirth without artificial assistance. Power Hypnosis Chicago is truly amazing.


by Barry Stevenson.
I was having many problems with Sexual Addictive Behavior and Alcohol Dependence. My many urges and dependencies were complicating and ruining my life. I felt like I was living in a cloud, dazed and confused. And I had always thought I could not say NO to anything! With five sessions over a few short weeks with Marc I noticed a big difference. My impressions of hypnosis are very therapeutic. Marc St.Camille is very professional and is a person who really wants to help others to reach their full potential. My urges and desires are now under control! Three months later I am a better husband and athlete and more focused in every day life!


My life has been better than I could’ve ever Imagined since I met Marc St.Camille. I had grown up sexually repressed with the belief that sex or thoughts of sex were wrong or improper. It had been affecting my life since I could remember. When I would date a girl or want to date a girl, there were so many things I couldn’t physically do and couldn’t even bring myself to say out loud. I felt like it was wrong to want to touch a girl or be touched (let alone go further). And there was certainly a point In a relationship that I could NEVER get to. Once I started getting closer and closer to a girl, I just had to end It. Also, when I first met Marc, he made me realize I was unable to even SAY the word “sex” or any word relating to sex. I was a total mess and self-destructing quickly.

I had tried to solve my issues for about six years before I met Marc. I went to speak to multiple psychiatrists and therapists, but figuring out what and why I was having these issues only intensified the problems. They became unbearable. I was at a breaking point and searching and searching for help, and stumbled onto the Power Hypnosis Chicago website. I had NO Idea that it would be the end of my problem and the cure to my misery!

We first talked a bit about what I was thinking and going through. He asked thoughtful questions and assured me I was not the only one in the world with this problem, which was the first time ANYONE had told me that. It meant the world. He took his time to understand what I’d been through and where I was. Took careful notes and made up a plan to help me.

After one hypnosis session, I felt better when I saw my girlfriend. I was so used to having these horrible barriers for so long, when they weren’t there all of a sudden I felt like a new person. I had expected to fight these awful feelings, but all of a sudden they weren’t coming up. I knew right then he was going to cure me! I had NEVER IN MY LIFE felt ANY progress or difference until after my first session with Power Hypnosis. I’ll never forget it. I know it sounds weird, but the first moments it was such a huge and drastic change in my life; I knew I would need one more session to really put me over the mountain.

Marc St.Camille has changed my life in a way that I could never repay him. I know it’s drastic, but the things I felt before had me wondering if it was worth it to live at all. I felt trapped in a hole my entire life and Marc finally saved me. And it was easy. All I did was listen and relax. I’m experiencing loving a person for the first time In my life, and because of that it’s like I’m finally alive. I can only thank Power Hypnosis Chicago.

If you have anything in your life that burdens you, weighs on your mind, anything in your personality that bothers you, or anything that you’ve ever wished felt better, Power Hypnosis Chicago can help you. I would guarantee it to anyone. It’s the greatest treatment for anything in the world. Thank you so much, Marc – I owe you everything and I will never forget what you did.

SOCIAL ANXIETY; By Angelica Posada

Omg! Thank you so much for making me a 100% better person. I already feel like a beautiful more confident woman…I love myself and I am relieved to not have to worry of other people’s opinion any longer! I was a slave to my own thoughts….but all that has changed thanks to you. I’ll consider you one of my angels….one whom God has sent me to carry out his love and erase negativity. Other people’s criticism doesn’t make me feel any pain. I will no longer let negative thoughts control my life. I’m in control from here on out and I’m proud of it! Thank you may God bless you. You inspire me to be a greater person.

HAIR LOSS (ALOPECIA AREATA); By Lauren Pietrocarlo

I feel so lucky to have been able to work with Marc. I came to him when I had lost almost all my hair from alopecia areata and since working with him, I have experienced dramatic re-growth. Aside from the physical results I saw, I was truly touched as to the kind words of encouragement and inspiration Marc gave me. He took my mind of my illness and showed me how to accept whatever was going to happen in my life. Marc is truly gifted and I would recommend his services to anyone. You will come out of hypnosis feeling empowered and serene. I only wish I could see Marc on a daily basis as he is an exceptional example on how to live life!


By Jan Barry on behalf of Kelly, my 14 year old daughter.
My daughter Kelly is doing much better. She has let go the urge to pull at her eyebrows and lashes. She still practices the meditation you taught her to help her through the stress of school and sports!

TRICHOTILLOMANIA (HAIR PULLING); by April Adams, 27 years old

For 22 years, doctors, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists told me that hair pulling (trichotillomania) had no cure and that I would have to fight the urges to pull every day of my life. Anyone who suffers from “trich” knows the pain, insecurities, humiliation, discouragement, and shame that come with this disorder. I never went more than 2 days without pulling until I found Marc St.Camille. He must have been God-sent because the minute I saw him I knew I was in the presence of a very special soul. Marc is gentle and kind. This man genuinely cares about his clients and helping people and it shows in every way. He literally trained my mind to let go of this “bad habit” and become relaxed and comfortable with myself. My urges stopped after the first hypnosis. I listened to the C.D. recordings of our sessions faithfully. And I meditate just as he taught me, twice a day. After the 3rd session I no longer even think about it. It has been weeks since I have even felt ONE urge to pull my hair and I am certain that I can now go the rest of my life pull-free. I truly feel blessed to have worked with Marc and am so excited to FINALLY begin to live my life to the fullest. Marc, I hope you know what a difference you are making in people’s lives and what you have done for my life! Thank you for being you!

NAIL BITING; By Mike Trumbold

I was a nail biter for 50 years when I learned of Marc St. Camille’s skills in hypnosis. After two sessions with Power Hypnosis I have completely stopped biting my nails. I can’t begin to say what this has done for my self esteem, to say nothing of not having to hide my hands any more. Marc’s methods are up front, innovative and he made me instantly calm at our first meeting. He took considerable time in walking me through what situations caused me to bite my nails and different reasons why these situations cause this response in me. I never felt rushed or hurried. His actual hypnosis was very easy on my part. At times I know I was completely asleep and only realized later that I was actually responding to Marc on a totally subconscious level. The entire experience was rewarding. I recommend Marc St. Camille and his Power Hypnosis highly!

FEAR OF DRIVING; by Zoe Howard

I wanted to let you know that my sessions with you and using the self-hypnosis and hypnosis recordings at home before bed, really helped me to get over my fear and lack of confidence with driving. I’ve been driving much more confidently ever since. This week I’m about to buy my very own brand new car! This is the first car that will be ALL mine and I’m so excited! Thank you for helping me to overcome my fear and be able to enjoy driving!

FEAR OF DRIVING (and more); by Elizabeth Daams

Thank you very much for helping me get over my fear of driving. Previously I couldn’t bring myself to get in the car without having a panic attack. In only one session you helped me drive locally again without any anxiety and now after a few sessions I can drive on the highways for long stretches! Your breathing/self-hypnosis technique really does work! If I felt any unease, the self hypnosis you taught me did the job. I really appreciated all the tools you gave me. And thanks for helping me with the old feelings of separation and loneliness as well. I’m so thankful to God that you have crossed my path, because finally I started to feel like my old self again. I’m very positive with the progress that I have made only in a few weeks since I saw you the first time. Thanks again, I’ll keep working hard. Hypnosis has changed my life! Wished I had come to see you earlier.

FEAR OF DRIVING; by Dan Roland

I had been having anxiety attacks while driving. After two sessions, my anxiety was gone. My first long distance road trip home went very well. I was much more relaxed and confident at the wheel than I head been in years. I was so relaxed that I was noticing the landscape in a way hadn’t in years. I realize now that in the past few years I had been so worried and focused on the cars and trucks on my trips that I wasn’t allowing myself to enjoy the scenery. I used the self-hypnosis only a couple times as needed. As I passed or got passed by trucks or moved through heavy traffic, I smiled as I breathed deeply enjoying being able to drive. Another good sign was that I would go for long stretches where I was driving “unconsciously.” By that I mean I was driving without thinking of driving, or without thinking about being worried about driving. I was driving without monitoring myself. I hadn’t done that in a long time. I even caught myself passing cars and trucks without thinking about it. I’d look in my rear-view mirror and realize that I had just passed a truck. That felt very good. Thanks again for everything. It feels so good to be able to enjoy road trips again. And thanks for checking in on me after our treatments ended.

FEAR OF DRIVING; by Dr. Sarah Allen, Psychologist

I contacted Marc after a series of car accidents left me fearful of driving to places I didn’t know. I am a psychologist and through using psychology-based behavioral methods had become comfortable driving locally. However, the car accidents had not been my fault, which reinforced feelings of driving safely being out of my control. I had to drive locally for my work and children but I felt restricted because I had never been able to drive myself from the suburbs into Chicago and always had to rely on trains or family and friends to get me places downtown. After carefully listening to my driving concerns, Marc recorded a CD of our hypnosis session to listen to daily and I drove myself to my follow-up appointment a couple of weeks later! I’ve been driving in to Chicago since. I think hypnosis is a great adjunct to traditional psychotherapy for issues such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks.


After our 3rd session I rode the elevator to the observatory on top of the John Hancock Building. I viewed the city and Lake Michigan from way up there. And just like you instructed me, I focused on one item at a time, grounded my legs and felt confidence within myself. Well, Marc it was fabulous! There was absolutely no fear or apprehension mentally or physically and most importantly no fear of heights or riding in the elevator.

Thank you for giving me the added insight to call upon my inner being by meditating. I meditate more often now. I also, listen to my hypnosis session CD’s whatever chance I get. I carry all three CDs in my briefcase and also listen to them here at the office.

I can not thank you enough for helping me to develop my inner self and to take life on as a challenge instead of taking life as an obstacle. You have truly made my life more meaningful. The new me will be flying on planes without any fear or apprehension. Wow, imagine that I now look at everything as a challenge not an obstacle. Thanks to you I can now enjoy life to its fullest and not hesitate to take on new challenges.

FEAR OF INSECTS; by Gina Saka, Licensed Massage Therapist

I have had an odd fear of certain insects since my childhood and within 2 sessions I am a totally different person!! I actually had some doubts at first because some of my fears were so old and deep. Because of Marc’s help I was able to get to the very root of my fears. He’s able to peel away layers of accumulated negativity in the brain. I think when you are able to help someone do that it is a true gift. Marc St.Camille gives you the tools you need to reclaim your freedom and master your fears in a very safe, professional and effective way. And it’s fast, remarkably fast! I have and still highly recommend him to anyone.

FEAR OF FLYING; by Alicia Lopez

I was really hoping the hypnosis would help me with my fear of flying. When I flew a week after our sessions I put the hypnosis recordings and meditation and self hypnosis you taught me to use on both flights. And all I can say is I can hardly even remember the flights. I’m looking forward to more trips and longer flights! Thank you.

FEAR OF FLYING; By Joan Schultz

Before I saw Marc, I was becoming more and more nervous about flying all of the time. I love to travel and was still catching most planes, but it was a huge ordeal and I was taking Xanax to do so. After seeing him I flew to Italy like a pro, and actually enjoyed my flight! I was incredibly surprised by the 180 I was able to make due to my work with Marc. Even when I get a little nervous, it’s like he’s there with me, and I know that I’ll be okay. Marc changed my life. I am so thankful I went to him.

FEAR OF FLYING; by ArLynn Presser, Author, Playwright & Producer

I did very well on the first flight after our 2 hypnosis sessions. All the suggestions you said during our sessions bubbled into my head as we took off. I read magazines and did okay, even with a guy behind me loudly complaining that everything the pilot did was idiotic. (He was miffed that it was a woman pilot). The pilot tried to land at our destination in Baltimore but the winds forced her to abort the landing and we had to rise up again and try again. The flight attendant asked us all if we liked the roller coaster ride. But Marc, the point is I didn’t cry and didn’t move a muscle. I felt and reacted as if I were just someone who gets on planes all the time. And I kept in mind that you said that my calmness would make the people around me calm – which was necessary when the second approach had to be done. Good work, guy.

FEAR OF FLYING; by Peter Sarna, Senior Manager Global Development

I was always afraid of flying. The problem was that my new job required me to fly quite often. I noticed that every time I flew my fear was getting worse and worse. I decided to do something about it and then one of my friends told my about hypnosis and that this is how I could get over the fear of flying. First, I didn’t believe it as I am one of those people who are always skeptical of new things, but then I did a research online and read a few stories that proved my friend’s point. This is how I crossed my paths with Mr. Marc St. Camille. He helped me big time. After only two sessions I went on my first flight from Chicago to New York and my fear was gone. I have taken numerous flights since then and I have enjoyed (!) every single one of them. Big thanks to you Marc!

LIFE COACHING, DEPRESSION; (Name withheld, public figure)

Hello Marc! I was a client of yours during the summer of 2006. I visited your office a handful of times and I enjoyed our sessions a great deal. I wanted to thank you Marc, for what you taught me, because I feel your tools paved the way for where I am now. In my networking, I found a way into our city’s political machine. I am now a precinct captain and a representative for the House of Representatives. I have a knack for getting the voters out for our candidates, and I do work all over the state for primary and general elections. So I guess I wanted to update you, so you know how much you helped me develop myself. I still meditate twice a day, 20 minutes a session.


I first came to Marc about 3 or 4 months ago to find out why I was “holding myself back” in many areas of my life, primarily in relationships. But I also knew that it was more than that, i.e., this problem was not just limited to one area but was manifesting itself in all aspects of my life. I didn’t know how to handle it but I knew I needed to do something. I had always been intrigued by the power of the subconscious mind, as well as its effect on one’s behavior so I looked into hypnosis and found Marc’s website. Marc’s calm and inviting demeanor instantly put me at ease, as I still had some doubt and apprehension as to whether this modality would be effective. All I can say is that visiting Marc was a truly wise choice on my part indeed! His effectiveness in the area of hypnotherapy as well as guiding someone through the steps of learning how to meditate is without question.

Simply put, I have gained focus and clarity not only in my relationships but in other areas of my life as well. I realize now that I deserve nothing but good things and will not settle for anything less again. I think the gift of clarity of purpose is the highest gift you can bestow on someone. If that be the case, I thank you Marc for giving that gift to me! Marc St. Camille has my highest recommendation and my sincere respect and gratitude.


I have been working with Marc St.Camille for almost 3 years on numerous aspects including help with finishing school, help with my career, and general life guidance. This life journey has had many ups and downs but with Marc’s help, navigating the waters has been much easier. This process takes time and effort to help one transform into the man or woman you want to be. Marc has dedicated his work to helping people shed the skin they are in and become the people they dream to be. The clients that are dedicated to changing their life will accomplish even the toughest tasks with the help of Marc. I truly recommend his work. Trust him to help me through the rough waters. Thanks again for everything you do. I am transitioning from boy to man with your guidance.


I have worked with Marc for over 3 years. When I arrived at his door for that first session I was a nervous, anxious little boy of 23 years. With the help of Marc’s patience, guidance and hypnosis I was built into a strong confident man with an inner light that will never fade. I had initially gone to Marc to work on my ability in attracting women. I ended up working on so much more once I saw the results that were achieved on my first goal. Everything from weight control to family issues. Even though I have left Chicago and moved to another country, I continue my work with Marc, as I trust it is beneficial for me to do so. Marc has true concern and love for his clients. I consider him a friend after these years of working with him and am very glad to have him on my panel of guides on this journey of my life.


By Samuel Taylor, Attorney.
I have been a radio and television news anchor, a successful owner of seats on the American and Philadelphia Stock Exchanges and a successful attorney. Yet, a few years ago when I was faced with an unexpected and overwhelming divorce, I lost much of my confidence and drive. In searching for help I discovered the work of Marc St. Camille and found in him an instrumental force for my greater recovery. He has helped me draw even closer to God, find additional recovery, and additional energy for life. His positive and steady emphasis on healing has aided me in finding greater hope for the future and greater expectation of blessings for my life. He has coached me on seeking and finding the light in my life. I have benefited so much from working with him that I have introduced him to one of my children to provide him specific life coaching as well…believing it is never too early to lean into the light. In summary, I heartily recommend Marc. St. Camille as an expert in what he does… He is caring and genuinely interested in the people with whom he works. He is patient, insightful, and I believe capable of helping anyone who wants to improve his or her life and who is open to Marc’s coaching. Marc has my heartiest endorsement. I hope you are willing to let him guide you as well. Best wishes and may God richly bless your life as you too “lean into the light.


I can’t begin to thank you enough. When I came to you I didn’t trust my inner guidance and felt very stuck in my circumstances. Your counsel gave me the courage to make a change in my career. And there is more, I am now opening myself up to all the possibilities of this life. I am starting to understand that whatever path I choose, it will be the right one for me. I am filled with gratitude, love and faith. Thank you for all that you have added to my journey. I am very grateful for everything you have done for me. I am blessed to have you in my life.


You have been very instrumental in my transformation. Thank you for the assistance you provided. I am a far different (better) person today, and I have learned to journey through life – grateful, challenged, patient, strong, resilient, kind, generous, healthy, etc… You are a wonderful person and keep up your great work.


Thanks for a great workshop. Excellent presentation – informative, concise, and clear. I definitely picked up techniques that will enhance my meditation practice


by Carolyn Pomykala.
Marc demystified meditation to me, gave practical explanations of both how and why, without any incense or chanting. The time flew by, I walked out with serene eyes & refreshed mind. Meditation seems to be a healthy & happy way to deal with the world.

MEDITATION WORKSHOP; by Jennifer Brazen, Program Coordinator, Revisions/Leo Burnett

enjoyed their time with you! All of the returned evaluations came back with high marks and much praise for you and your program. And all of them would like to see this program offered again!


by Nancy Johnson.
I was looking for help. I had been keeping on extra weight as a layer of protection stemming from abuse I suffered in my teens. I tried counseling, medications, tons of self-help books but there was still something holding me back from achieving weight loss. I thought maybe hypnosis could get me to stop eating for no reason.

I met hypnotherapist Marc St. Camille at Power Hypnosis Chicago and I was blown away after the first session. Marc understood me and dug deeper into the issues that I thought were long gone from since junior high school. Marc’s gentle and safe handling of my feelings and experiences led me to trust him immediately. I was able to open up to explore the dark regions of my head and find what was still haunting me after all this time.

Once we began the hypnosis I was blown away by how ‘spot on’ this all was to me. After a couple of days of listening to the first session CD, I felt that the abusers from the past were finally thrown out of my head for the first time in 35 years. I hadn’t realized that my abusers were still hiding in my subconscious and that this was restricting me from losing weight and being noticed by any men. After the first week, I felt reborn and bright after many years of darkness.

I had three sessions with Marc; each session was better than the one before. I lost 10 pounds in three weeks and I feel alive and empowered – I cannot ever remember feeling this positive and alive! I have a new life emerging at age 49 and I didn’t know that I had any life left. Thank you, thank you, Mr. Marc St. Camille, for helping me to start my life – finally!


I recently had very loud neighbors move in to the apartment upstairs. They would practice the drums at 2am, play loud music and movies all night, run back and forth, and have frequent parties with no regard for us living downstairs. After a year of this I developed such a sensitivity to noise that even after we moved to a new building I was constantly on edge and stressed out by every any noise from the above neighbors. After months of trying earplugs, sleep aids, white noise machines and even staying out of our apartment it was getting to be too much. I am so glad I found Marc and Power Hypnosis. He essentially cured my anxiety in two sessions. With a combination of recorded hypnosis sessions that I listen to at bedtime, self hypnosis techniques, and daily meditation I am honestly about 90% better. Now I don’t dread spending time in my own home and I get a great night sleep to boot. Hypnosis and meditation are starting me on a positive new chapter in my life: I am a much more calm, focused, agreeable, and pleasant person. I highly recommend it.

STRESS RELIEF; By Shelly Clayton

Unfortunately I had some complications from surgery and needed to start on “stress” medications….the only thing that kept me going some days was listening to your voice on my C.D. player. I have one of your stress relief disc’s and I seriously listened to it continuously some days….just wanted to thank you for being with me through my darkest time. YOU made an incredible difference in my life during those days, just as your work continues to impact the quality of my smoke free life for over a year now!!! You and your work are so valuable to me and the world. Thank you deeply.

STRESS AND FEARS; by Nathan Phillips

I wanted to thank you for your help and guidance over the weekend in our two sessions with my girlfriend Annie. I found both sessions integral for improving her “self” and personal development. I think Annie also found them really helpful and I will encourage her to continue to work on those techniques (meditation/self hypnosis) which you taught us to alleviate fears. Her personality has previously been driven by fear, anxiety and stress. Whether it is her Eastern European background (glass half empty / favorite color “gray” approach to life) or just a lack of confidence, I can tell you she found both sessions very instructive. I admire the way you interacted with her over her fears. Your calmness and approach is guiding me in a new way to interact with her in situations that sometime as her boy friend I had found previously frustrating. So thank you. With Gratitude.

STRESS RELIEF; By Morgan Arturo

I have been listening to the hypnosis CD every night and I sleep like a baby….I also wake up quite relaxed compared to the anxious state I’m usually in.


Thank you Marc. The workshop was great. I melted right into it. Fabulous delivery of information and my sisters concur. They are the toughest critics you’ll ever have.

STRESS RELIEF WORKSHOP; by David Cobb, Partner, Deloitte

Whilst on a conference in Chicago organized by my firm, Deloitte & Touche I attended a workshop session entitled “Stress-Relief through Hypnosis: How to stay healthy on the road” conducted by Marc St.Camille. Marc took us through a 20 minute meditation session and a 20 minute hypnosis session. The session overall was extremely effective in making me feeling relaxed and afterwards I was left feeling more alert, aware and refreshed. During the one hour we had with Marc he was able to teach us the basic practices to continue a program of meditation and/or self hypnosis by ourselves and I have continued to do so. The benefits I experienced from the one hour session are successfully reproduced and I find myself generally more alert and productive, but also more relaxed and less stressed as a result.

PERFORMING ARTS/DANCE; by R. Celeste, Ball Room Dancer

My last dance competition went very well. I had better energy in general and felt more relaxed between heats. I feel as if I was better able to perform at 100% as I was able to beat competitors that I had never been able to beat before. My dance instructor even commented that my dancing was the most relaxed that he’d seen in a competition setting. I feel good about the progress I’ve made so far and think that I will pass on another session for the time being. Thanks for all of your help. I really do see a difference!


Words can’t describe how much only 3 sessions did for me! I’m a sponsor skateboarder and have been skating for 10 years now. After many recent injuries I developed some blocks that I couldn’t get over. After seeing Marc…wow in a few weeks I saw a complete change! A whole new person with a better out look that I have now on skating and life! If I hadn’t gone to Power Hypnosis I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now. I am where I am thanks to Marc! Thank you so much!!!


Hey Marc! I just wanted to let you know I used the self hypnosis/visualization techniques you taught me and I won a boxing match in March…it was a 3 round decision, it was tough, but I just had this feeling that I would pull it off – and I did. Thank you!


I am a lawyer by trade but an equestrian at heart. Some time ago, I took a bad fall in the show ring. I was unable to ride while my body physically healed. I worked hard to regain my strength and climb back in the saddle. When I was able to do so, I realized that my physical strength was only part of the issue. My mind continuously replayed the fall in my head. I was too frightened to jump again. I worked hard, on my own, for many months but was unable to overcome my fear. Then, I began working with Marc St.Camille. Over the course of 7 sessions with Marc, I learned to relax and my mind became my ally in my efforts to succeed again at my sport, as opposed to my enemy. Just recently, I went back into the show ring and jumped successfully. I could not have done it without Marc. I am immensely grateful.

SPORTS PERFORMANCE; by Jennifer Hogg, Silver Medalist

2010 Update!
I earned the Silver Medal at the US Championships and came in 10th at the World Championships (and beat the Gold medalist – very gratifying). I was confident and strong. Without question, this was the best championship series I’ve ever had. I put everything out there – no regrets – and left it in the judges hands. I could not be more satisfied with the outcome. It was exactly the way I wanted to leave the sport that has given me so much. Thank you for helping me on this journey. It’s been an incredible ride.

SPORTS PERFORMANCE; by Jennifer Hogg, Silver Medalist.

The mind is a very powerful thing and Marc St.Camille provides the ability to center and channel it’s energy into incredibly successful and life changing experiences.

My names is Jennifer Hogg and I am the 2005 United States Silver Medalist in Aerobic Gymnastics. I had been competing successfully in this little known division of gymnastics for 5 years and had been ranked in the top 5 for the last 4 years. However, year after year I would fall just short of the medal stand. I met with Marc, only one short week before this years National Championships, and he gave me the tools to fulfill my medal dreams and become a much stronger competitor.

Marc helped me to focus on my strengths and gave me tools to combat nerves and “negative energy” that can be so prevalent in competitive sports. I had never felt so prepared and confident as I did on stage this year. It allowed me to concentrate on the task at hand – hitting the medal stand – without all the traditional distractions. I’m looking forward to representing the US at next years World games in China where I know Marc’s teaching and tools will once again serve me well.


I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for what Marc has helped me achieve. My initial reason for going to see Marc was to improve my golf game. I have been playing golf for over 30 years and my results seemed to plateau many years ago. After a few sessions, I began to see an improvement in my score as well as my mental awareness and attitude. I was more confident and calm on the course and in my everyday life. I am happy to report that my golf game has improved 7 – 10 strokes a round on a consistent basis. I never thought this was possible. This has spilled over to other aspects of my life as well. I am more confident, calm, and able to address and manage life’s challenges. Marc is a genius at what he does. I am now working with Marc on sales performance and success in a business venture. Anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Marc won’t be disappointed. He continues to exceed my expectations and I’m sure he will exceed yours. Thanks again for all the help you have given me on and off the golf course.

GOLF/SPORTS PERFORMANCE; by Jared Steger, Golf Pro

Marc, I won my golf tournament this past weekend! I just want to say thanks for everything you’ve done for me over the past 6 months! I have really learned a lot about myself as a player and as an individual! I was really impressed how I did not let any outside distractions “get the better of me.” And I was impressed with how I managed to “stay in the moment” and didn’t let any outside distractions get the better of me. I am excited for the future and am really looking forward to working with you again. Again, thanks for your work with me


by Quenton Lindstrom.
The mental techniques I learned working with Marc helped me to not only improve my athletic performance but also my personal life. I recommend his services for anyone looking to improve their overall quality of life. As an athlete who competes at a high level I have been exposed to hundreds of techniques to help me ‘get in the zone’ – none of which were anywhere as effective as one hour with Power Hypnosis.”


I went to Marc St.Camille to help me overcome an excessive lack of self-confidence. Being an intraday trader without self-confidence is impossible. I had been able to only put on trades of a couple hundred shares and then rarely, so I was ready to try something new. Marc introduced me to a daily program incorporating meditation, self-hypnosis and hypnosis. I went home and meditated daily as Marc showed me and played the CD of our hypnosis session when I went to bed every night. I slept better that first night than I had in years and it has continued since.

Within a week I was trading with less hesitation. I am now putting on more share size and making several trades a day. And I have been profitable for several weeks in a row. I look forward to trading now, rather than dreading it. And I get more “in the flow” each day. I also like going bed as I no longer stay awake staring at the ceiling thinking self-deprecating thoughts. My wife said “you’ve changed! I like it!” I am going to continue in the manner that Marc has taught me for the rest of my life. By following his directions each day my life is better than I thought it could be. Thank You Marc.


I came to Marc for depression, a chronic condition which exacerbates problems with my libido and sexual performance, which created more depression and decreased overall personal confidence. Having previously enjoyed a healthy, active and beautiful sex life my whole life, the recent changes in my libido and my performance have been debilitating – spilling over in other areas of my life: creativity, socializing and my business. Marc believed that helping with my overall confidence level would change all of that. Discussing one’s sex life can be embarrassing but Marc made it easy to speak freely about my problems in frank and straightforward language.

As instructed I listened to the CD recordings of our sessions every night when going to sleep and by the time of my follow-up session I was able to report definite improvement. I was feeling happier and more confident in general and re-acquainting myself with my own sexual power and strength. I was enjoying sex again and trusting that my sex partners felt the same way. The combination of hypnosis and my belief in it have given me back what I thought was lost to my depression. It is important to open one’s mind to the possibility of change. Because I wanted to succeed I chose to listen with an open heart to Marc’s hypnosis recordings and give in to their power, making myself susceptible to success. I am so glad I did.


By Steve Jones.
After our 4 sessions and a few weeks later I’m doing great. My confidence with regard to my performance is higher than it’s been in a long time. I’ve been with two new women in the past weeks and everything went great. The first lady I was a little nervous at first but simply did the self hypnosis and from there I had no problems. The second lady I was with I had no performance problems at all and I was noticeably calmer even before I did the self hypnosis. I see it only getting better from here. I weaned myself off the Viagra like we discussed and I’m still sticking to the plan. When I’m by myself (solo) there has been progress too. I’d say I’m close to 100 percent.

I continue to meditate every morning and some evenings as you taught me to keep stress at bay. Stress is almost a non factor in my life now. I don’t even take the anxiety meds my doctor gave me anymore. I plan to continue meditation for probably the rest of my life. Besides the obvious benefits I really enjoy doing it. Thank you for introducing it to me.

I honestly can’t thank you enough for your help. If two months ago I asked myself where my ability to perform would be, I would have never guessed that it’d be in a good place. How far I’ve progressed is astounding to me. I can’t believe how much better I’m doing. I’m a huge proponent of hypnotherapy now.

LETTING GO EX; By Delores Winter

Thank you, Marc, thank you so much. Amazingly, I spent the entire afternoon and evening at the beach with my daughters and did not even text my ex to say “hello” or “I’m sorry” or ‘I feel better,” which I would normally have done every 10 or so minutes. I used the self-hypnosis exercise you taught me three or four times: It worked every time. It’s amazing to me that I can now enjoy a bath, some quiet time with my children and a chapter in a novel, and go to bed after a whole day without being dependent upon my ex and obsessing where he was, where he is, whether he is happy without me, or when he is texting or calling me next. I am so happy that I found you. I cannot thank you enough for this first day and I look forward to seeing my new life unfold. I now know I will have the strength and poise to meet the challenges ahead of me. Thank you. See you next week.

LETTING GO EX; By Latha Krishnamurthy

I came to Marc initially while I went through one of the most difficult and traumatic relationship break ups in my life. Marc sensitively asked me the right questions and gave me custom treatment for my needs. Eventually I was over my break up and able to overcome anxiousness, sleepless nights, heart palpitations etc. I think his therapy is very useful to anyone to who is in a situation that you don’t know how to overcome. Hypnotherapy works!

LETTING GO EX; By Dina Emerick

I don’t know how I would have gotten through last night or today without coming to see you. I feel that with the tools you taught me and with the CD’s from our sessions I can make it through the rest of the week here at work. And I finally started eating again. Thank you a million times over!


Marc has helped establish peace and happiness in my married life. My husband and I went together to see Marc and he was able to cater to our individual needs – as well as a couple. After therapy I can see decreased fights/arguments/rage in our marriage. I can also see and feel more love and togetherness and focus on one another. I would highly recommend Marc’s services for anyone who is seeking to overcome obstacles in your marriage or relationships and attain peace and happiness. The best thing about Marc’s therapy/services is that it is so customized to the individuals needs. He also has a great level of comprehension of the way one’s mind works and various problems that people face. He is very kind and patient and makes you feel comfortable in his presence. He can make a change!


I am finally standing up to my boyfriend. I’m becoming a really strong woman and almost don’t recognize myself! You know what’s funny? The stronger I become, the more he grovels!


By Dain Carrolson.
Marc, since initiating hypnosis with Power Hypnosis to increase my self-confidence, and particularly my confidence in interacting with women, I’ve experienced very distinct, positive changes in my life and personality.

Prior to working with you I would consistently find myself too intimidated to approach a person I wanted to meet, and floundering and nervous on those occasions when I did find the courage to initiate contact.

After working on overcoming my general lack of self confidence what helped me further was that we focused on me as a whole person. Venturing into treating more specific areas including bad habits like nail biting, the fear of speaking publicly, lack of assertiveness at work, and of course confidence in engaging women. I’m convinced that it is this whole-person approach that has facilitated the deep and lasting changes I was seeking.

Since our work together, my interactions with the opposite sex have taken on a very different character! I find myself fully relaxed, yet just exploding with confidence. I no longer let the situation get to me. It no longer matters where the conversation might go or how (or that) it might go off course. My more relaxed state allows me to enjoy the interaction for what it is and in the moment it happens and not to encumber it with anxiety. And, as you predicted, women have even begun approaching me at times, without my having to make any effort whatsoever! It’s not an easy feeling to describe, but if I had to I’d use an analogy: I’d say it feels like I’m riding a strong, surging horse up a steep hill, like I am simply unstoppable and like I have a perfect, clear-headed grasp of the situation. It feels like being a different person. Something like: “Wow, where’s my anxiety right now?” I look for it to be there, I expect it to be there, and it’s not!

Additional evidence of the effects of our work would be that I haven’t bitten my nails at all since our last meeting 2 months ago, and that my habit of biting my lip has decreased at least 90%! At work I’m cool and deliberate, no matter to whom I’m speaking. I no longer feel intimidated, and I say what I want to say knowing that I’ll be understood. And if I’m not at first, I’m not flustered; I simply reassess the conversation and readdress the person I want to communicate with.

I can’t tell you how happy I feel to be able to go through life without my former concerns! I’m grateful to you for helping me make these changes. And I’m grateful to myself for taking action and having the guts, or even, the defiance! (of a general public doubtfulness of alternative therapies or self-help generally). Thank you!


Dear Marc. I’m really grateful for all your help. It’s a blessing to know you. You’re a genuine guide that everyone needs when life gets complicated and they are feeling trapped in negative circles. The negativity from others around me had taken over and discouraged me by sucking out all the enthusiasm and joy from my life. Your gift is changing my future by turning all negativity into positive energy that has taken me in happy new directions. You helped me discover my true personality that will lead to my success. Your energy is a source of life, a well of spring water in the middle of a desert. I thank you for erasing all destructive thoughts I had. I appreciate your generosity, caring and professional attitude.


As much as it is a positive new way of thinking for me, it doesn’t feel like I have been altered so much as I have been developed. I don’t fear a retreat to old habits, I just feel stronger and better than those habits now. Were they to reappear, I would be ready with a new train of thought and ways to actively get myself back to the more positive state. These are what I exercise every day and the effect is considerable. In working with Marc and the methods he advised, I can most simply say I feel a confidence that he helped unearth and feel at peace, both of which have been unfelt for years and years. It took some strength in seeking out help, but it was unquestionably worth it. Thanks for all your help!


Words cannot fully express what I want to say but I will give it a try. I first contacted Marc about a month ago when I found myself stuck again in an all too familiar pattern. I want to create a lot of things in my life; a loving relationship, a wonderful business and a place to express my creative nature. I knew what I wanted but it was so far away. I felt like I was standing on a train platform just watching and unable to board the express to my life. I decided to take action. And I found Marc. When I went to his site I immediately looked at the testimonials and was comforted and impressed by how people were able to transform their lives. The more I read the more I knew I wanted to work with this man. My situation is not a single issue rather it encompasses an entire life overhaul. And you know what? It’s working. I have changed so much in the short time we have been working together. The biggest change is the confidence and assurance I have. I stopped beating myself up and have relaxed enough to begin to take the steps necessary to create my new life. And it is a natural and easy process. I highly recommend Marc, he is the best in the business.

CONFIDENCE; By Julien Chaplin

You have done a great deal to increase my self-confidence. Thank you for all your help!

CONFIDENCE; By Odell Waters

Marc, to say the least you have changed my life. I must admit I was a bit reluctant at first but the changes that have occurred in my life since our sessions have transformed me so much that it’s amazing to see. I am much more in tune with my mind, body and spirit thanks to you. Thanks for giving me new life. I can’t thank you enough. You have no idea! I mean I’m sure you do but oh man what a rejuvenated feeling.

EMPOWERMENT; by Linda Howe, Director, Center for Akashic Studies

The work that I experienced with Marc St. Camille has been nothing short of extra-ordinary. He combines sophisticated skills and exquisite sensitivity to support the client in producing powerful results. In any visit with him, I have felt understood and appreciated and left empowered to take the next step in my journey.

SPIRITUAL HEALING; by H.L. Li, Physics Doctoral Program

Thanks a lot for helping me out. You truly have a very special gift that helps my spiritual self-cleansing work. That very special gift is about digging out hidden negative emotions and amplifying – and then releasing these usually unnoticeable emotions. There are some issues that I don’t feel anything when I talk about them with other people, but I get very strong feelings when I talk to you. It seems that my emotions automatically come up just by talking to you. It is so effective that I realized that when I had just started talking to you in the first session! Your gift helps me realize my emotional issues/hidden blocks very easily so that I can get rid of them. Also, thanks for the recordings of our sessions. I keep listening to them, especially when I want to feel powerful and free, and need to channel energy.


I finished Round 2 of chemo on December 19th and just had a 6-month check-up and everything looks great. I’m back at work full-time and feeling better and stronger every day. I want to thank you so much for your help the last two years as I was dealing with breast cancer. I believe the positive thoughts and visualizations you taught me were a huge part of my successful recovery. Your services were a gift to me from my sister-n-law and were truly priceless!

HEALING; By Sarah Madia

You have been a great mentor and really helped get me through a difficult time in my life. My life has taken a dramatic turn, for the better, and now I am doing well on my own. Please know I continue to use the skills you have provided and my sincerest thank you for everything you have done for me.


By Dr. Ajana Miki, Naturopathic Physician & Acupuncturist.
As an acupuncturist and naturopathic physician, I do quite a bit of work with people with addictions. One evening I did a search for hypnotherapist in Chicago and found Marc’s Power Hypnosis website. I left a message with the intention of meeting him on behalf of my patients. When he returned my call, I gave him a list of issues that I was personally interested in addressing as a means of assessing his areas of comfort as a hypnotherapist. He was undaunted. I decided to have a session myself.

I went into the session with several issues to work on. Marc asked several questions and very insightfully uncovered the central theme. The hypnosis session itself was very relaxing. I remained skeptical that anything could have happened until I left the office. The session had been around the inability/ability to experience pleasure. I don’t know whether I fell asleep or was in a deep state of meditation, but I did not remember anything that was said. I left the office and half an hour later, noticed that I was walking very slowly and smiling. Two things that are unusual for me. I was not rushing around. I was thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and the breeze on my skin and the leaves on the trees and even the movement of my body as I walked. On top of that, I felt peaceful and very happy. I realized that I had been depressed for months without having noticed. Months later, I find many moments when I slow down and deeply experience the pleasure in each moment, of eating, walking, loving others…

I have experienced three sessions to date. All have made a noticeable difference in releasing fear and helping me to feel more alive. I find Marc St. Camille to be a gifted healer. I have referred several patients, each one has called to tell me how pleased they were with their sessions. Thank you Marc, for your integrity and enthusiasm. I will continue to recommend you to my patients.


I have suffered from a tremor disorder for 18 years and am now 44. This disorder, causing my head to shake severely, has all but destroyed my social and work life, and has paralyzed most other possibilities in other aspects of my life. After losing a few jobs due to this, I decided to consult Marc. After two sessions with Marc, I was able to comfortably go to a few social events. I was so calm at these events, I had to reassure myself that I wasn’t getting sick! (I was fine)! After the third session, I went to three face-to-face job interviews. These were the best interview meetings I’ve had in a long time. I was calmer and more in control than I ever was. Moreover, my tremors were nonexistent! This was a breakthrough I would have never thought possible. You fixed something that neurologists recommend thalamus surgery for! Everybody who has tremors like I did need to see you! Thank You Marc!


My experience with Marc at Power Hypnosis truly exceeded my expectations. His ability to hone in on my stress-related issue (biting at the insides of my cheeks) was remarkable, and after 2 sessions, my issue was 100% resolved. His professional demeanor, meditation instruction, and personalized hypnosis all contributed to the success of the visit. I have since recommended Marc to a friend, and have returned for help with establishing healthier eating patterns. Power Hypnosis has made a significant difference in my life!

NERVOUS TIC-HABIT (& TMD); By Blanca Luna.

Marc, the three hypnosis sessions I had with you helped a great deal with my health. I was experiencing a lot of pain on my jaw from a condition called TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder). This was caused by a “nervous tick” or habit that I had since I was a kid. I was thrusting my tongue against the roof of my mouth and sucking just as if I was drinking from a baby bottle. I was doing it during the day and in my sleep too. All the muscles and tendons from my jaw were inflamed and most of the time it was too painful to eat, smile and sometimes even talk. Because of that, I also had a lot of headaches, tension in the back of my head, neck, shoulders and back. I had all this pain for over two consecutive months until I went to you for hypnosis therapy.

After the first session, the pain was gone, and by the third, I was able to control myself and no longer doing the old nervous tic. I now continue listening to the discs to re-enforce all the sessions. Thank you Marc one more time for helping me with my unusual habit and also for teaching me the discipline of meditation which keeps me relaxed every day.

AUDITION CONFIDENCE; By Lily Mojekwu, Actress

I just had THE BEST audition up at the Next Theatre. Seriously. I was lit from within, calm, focused and so very, VERY present. I was paired up with lots of different actors to do multiple scenes and multiple roles. I was able to switch back and forth easily between roles & scenes. I took direction really well and made great adjustments easily. I was able to take in what each actor was giving me and respond honestly – in the moment -without holding back. I was there for over an hour and it flew by. And as it turns out I was cast in two shows. Marc, I had so much fun!!!!

ROAD RAGE; By Johnny Smythe

I’m doing great. The CD recording of our hypnosis session of course rocked as usual and my road rage is totally gone. I feel like it’s a distant memory. I don’t feel underlying anxiety when I’m behind someone driving all nutty. I breathe and I’m okay.


We were working on my lack of a relationship with my sister due to lingering anger . Well, we are on great terms now. With your help I let go of all of my anger and my need to control the type of relationship she has with my mother and I. Once I was able to do that, I called her and asked if she would be willing to talk and she said yes! That’s been a little over a year ago and I am so happy about it. It is great to have her back in my life as I recover from cancer.


I’m doing great. Emotions are in check. No more uncontrollable tantrums and or crying. You’re the best. LOL – seriously – some guy had just practically parked on top of my car and wedged it in. I did not have any emotion about it what so ever. I simply moved my car out in small increments. Let me tell you a month ago I would probably have broken his windows. Thanks so much. You’re so great at what you do!


by Cory Hance, Professional Musician.
The hypnosis session you took me through and mental exercises you taught me have helped my confidence onstage immensely. I just had a great show in Milwaukee. I could feel the positive energy radiate from myself through my guitar and microphone into the audience. I don’t think I could have had a performance like this happen without the pre-show exercise you taught me. Thanks for helping me “broadcast” better to the audience.

MOTIVATION; By Charles Stone, Actor

Hey Marc – I’m back on track with my acting career. Thanks for the help and I am enjoying my customized CD’s. They help tremendously and keep me on track


Marc’s sessions have set me on a blazing trail to accomplish my goals! One of my biggest problems was procrastination. Now my biggest problem is finding something else to do! The light switch has been turned on and I’m living a much brighter life! We talked about me publishing my book. I finished and sent it to the printers on 7/25/07! I also haven’t been late on my bills. Things are picking up! I want to thank you for your help!

MOTIVATION & WRITING; by Christina Rosetti, Playwright

Four years ago I came up with an idea for a new piece of musical theater. Frustrated with my lack of progress on my project (I had piles of notes but only fifteen pages written), I realized my focus wasn’t intent on creating my new show. I decided to get help; luckily I had heard about Marc St. Camille of Power Hypnosis. My first session with Marc was on a Friday afternoon in mid February 2012. I took the train home, went directly to my desk, and wrote nonstop for four hours. The next two days I wrote intensely, even though they were weekend days when I normally would have cut myself some slack. What I wanted to do was write, not avoid it. The writing was productive; my ability to concentrate was deeply satisfying.

When we met for our second session, I had written fifty new pages. My third session was two weeks ago, and I am now rewriting the final scene: pages 115 – 119. The first draft, which I’ve been trying to write for four years, is now nearly finished – in just two months. What I accomplished with Marc’s help wasn’t magic; I was serious, he is serious. (And experienced, and skilled.) Together we sharpened and redefined what it is I focus upon. If you are tired of being a victim to your self-sabotaging ways, seriously consider using Marc St. Camille’s professional services. With his help and concentrated work on your part, you can accomplish what you dearly desire. Gratefully Productive in Chicago.

MOTIVATION & SELF-CONFIDENCE; by Vince DiVito, Entrepreneur

Marc, I just wanted to say that I truly enjoyed my session with you. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t skeptical about trying hypnosis but then again what did I have to lose? An hour of my time? I felt that the time you spent to get to know my goals was just as important as the session itself. I found it very refreshing to hear your thoughts and opinions since you would have nothing to gain from me either starting a new career or not. The session itself was great, on top of getting me to think in a whole new way and just getting myself in gear. It was fun to relive past events in my life that still have an impact in my life, such as a gymnastics meet from a few years ago. I saw old friends and smiling faces all over again (not to mention my crazy high school hair!).

When I left your place I had such a feeling of peace in me. I actually lingered in the city and sat at the park for an hour and just people watched. That following week so many ideas came to me. 2 weeks later I’m still brain storming ideas and putting together a strong formula for lasting success. I was glad I got the CD recording of my session. At night sometimes I’ll lay down and put on a pair of headphones and just sit in total darkness and listen to it all over again. It’s like a refresher, reminding you why you were there that day, why you’re taking the steps that you’re taking. So many times in life we get detoured and it sometimes takes a while to remember what your original plan was. With the CD it brings you back to that moment like it just happened and you remind yourself of what your ultimate goal is. Without a goal there’s nothing, you’re wasting your time. So for that and your time spent talking with me I thank you. It was great meeting you and great to know that you’re here in Chicago instead of New York. I have no hesitations referring any of my friends and family to you. Thanks again.

MOTIVATION & LIFE COACHING; by Kuwayne Davis, Nursing Student

Marc helped me to realize that I have the power within me to accomplish my goals. I’m now back in college with an A average (!!). I have somehow managed to break my old money patterns and beliefs and am also a landlord now and have money saved up. But most of all I feel great about myself and my life and am excited for the possibilities that are ahead of me. All this happened in the 4 months since I met Marc. I thank you for your strength and belief in me, especially in a world where there are so many people try to place their negative energies on me. I thank God and you for the knowledge of the truth: “I am that – that I am,” God bless you!

SALES PERFORMANCE & MOTIVATION; By Jesus Ortega, Insurance sales

I had been working very unhappily at an insurance agency for over 5 years. I knew I should try to make my job work for me. It could be a good job and I should be grateful to have one. But I had reasons for dreading my job that needed to be dealt with. I was afraid of calling people. I was uneasy around other cultures and nationalities. I lacked motivation and confidence. So I decided to turn to Hypnotherapy and Marc St.Camille for answers.

Marc has a very structured approach. He helped me identify my goals and was methodical about identifying my obstacles. Right from the beginning Marc was able to help me let go of my past. I had been teased and bullied in high school which had turned me into an introvert. I felt “less than” everyone and this showed both in person and on the phone. I realized that I had been holding on to a version of me that was not the best me. I had been carrying this hurt boy inside me all this time. In life sometimes we need to learn to say goodbye. I whole heartedly cried in my session as I said goodbye to the “old me.” I then became the new and wonderful me. Marc strategically built on every session reinforcing and developing the “new me.” His process enhanced my physical and mental health.

Today I glow with confidence. I have no regrets and no bad memories. There is only the present and future for me. My family and friends immediately noticed this incredible new confident me. They see a man at ease with himself and the world. They see a motivated person that is shooting for success calling clients, scheduling appointments and building my business. Meeting Marc has been priceless for me, and needless to say I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him. I believe in Marc’s abilities and have no doubt that his scope has no limits in whom he can help.

SALES PERFORMANCE; By Bryan Pitt, National Sales, Chicago

I have never been a “natural” sales person, and had recently taken a leadership role in a startup company where my sales effort would have a major impact on the viability of our company. There was a lot at stake personally and professionally. My naturally introverted nature was preventing me from achieving my goals. I decided to try hypnosis before giving up on the best professional opportunity of my career.

As quickly as the day after my first session, much to my own surprise, I noticed a change in my confidence and telephone demeanor. I began projecting a much more confident, authoritative image during my cold calls. This led to a more credible perception from my prospects and made the rest of the sales process much easier. I honed my skills and abilities through practicing self hypnosis. Follow-up sessions built up a momentum. I built on my successes to eventually exceed my previous sales goals. Thanks to the success I achieved with Marc’s help, I no longer need to make outbound cold calls, since my professional network and industry reputation has grown so much in the past year.

I highly recommend Marc for his ability to quickly understand the challenges I face and to develop a holistic plan that addressed and eliminated the cause of my previous mediocre performance. Power Hypnosis gave me the confidence I needed to turn my business around and build on my success. Thank you!

SALES MOTIVATION; by Todd S., President of a technical staffing agency

I own a business and looked to Marc St.Camille hoping to find a way to increase my motivation and sales production. I had achieved a level of success that I was comfortable with but, felt it was time to take it to the next level. In my first meeting with Marc he really took the time to understand my situation. As it turns out the biggest hurdle I was facing was my high level of stress and the fact that I wasn’t doing anything deal with it. Marc taught me multiple techniques to deal with my stress as well as a hypnosis program that helped me to push my production higher than I ever thought possible. Even with a higher level of activity I am able to cope with the stress in a healthy way and I feel better than ever. Marc is a true professional and I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.


My sales performance is much improved after my work with Power Hypnosis. Marc gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to make successful cold calls.


When it comes to sales motivation and stress reduction for a sales force, Marc is the person to turn to for help. He has a gift at opening minds and enabling people to tap into their inner strength to achieve their goals. When I was Director of Sales at a sales outsourcing company, I not only witnessed the impact of his work on our sales professionals, but I experienced it. I highly recommend Marc for any sales team looking for some extra inspiration and energy!


I’ve been in the IT Solution and Project Management business for over 25 Years. During the last six months I had been having trouble focusing and feeling positive about my life. It seemed that I had went from a very positive can do person to a very negative person over night. Some what skeptical about hypnosis I agreed to visit with Marc in early August to discuss these issues. After only my first visit it seemed like the light bulb had been turned back on. During this same time I was trying to pass my PMP exam. After talking with me about the problems I was having accessing all the information I had in my head and the requirements for passing the exam Marc gave me a self-hypnosis routine to practice everyday. I was so impressed with the first visit I continued to see Marc and have turned my life around 360 degrees. I passed the PMP test on September 6, 2007 and my whole outlook on life has changed for the better. I highly recommend Marc St. Camille’s Power Hypnosis for anyone who wants to succeed and achieve their full potential in life. I would like to say thanks again to Marc for all his help and assistance.

TEST PREP (NCLEX); By Marilyn Montgomery.

I had a few sessions with Power Hypnosis before I took the NCLEX-RN, nursing boards. I passed!!!! Thanks for all the help! I know that the positive thinking, memory recall, and stress relieving techniques you taught me helped. I went into the test less anxious and had a positive attitude, which helped me in passing the exam. Thanks again!

TEST PREP (ACT); By Danny, High School Junior, Age 16

I just received my scores for both of the ACTs I have taken and I got a 34 on both of them. (Placing me in the top 1% of test takers in the country). I am very proud of my scores and I just wanted to thank you for helping me receive that score! You have taught me so much.


Marc’s sessions are giving me the tools I need to truly change the way that I live. He first helped me to stop procrastinating and get out and achieve what I want to. In turn I decided to take the GMAT to apply to business school. Through his techniques and motivation, I literally saw the score I was going to get the night before I took the test. It was a 720. A high enough score to get me into Stanford and Harvard. Regardless of what you want to achieve, the ideas behind this program are universal. If you are skeptical don’t be. Give it a try, and trust me, it’s exactly what you have been looking for.


I had heard about hypnosis, but never thought it was for me, until I met Marc and had my first session. I needed to pass the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) Step 1, an exam I always dreaded, was intimidated by, and had previously failed 2 times. During my first session, Marc spent time with me asking me about my daily routine, study habits, eating habits, sleeping habits. This was very unexpected, because I had thought I would go in get a hypnosis session and walk out. Because Marc took the time to really got to know me, I felt so much more comfortable and I knew I had made the right decision and more importantly, I knew I had come to the right place. I had about 4 sessions, with each session being different, and after each session, I felt more confident, rejuvenated, and honestly felt like a new person. I am proud to say after having gone through Marc’s treatments I PASSED the USMLE Step 1. I honestly feel that it was his help that got me over my fear of the USMLE Step 1 and allowed me to PASS. Marc, I will always be truly grateful, THANK YOU.

TEST PREP (LAW BAR); By John Barrington

Marc helped me study for the Bar exam by bringing focus to my routine. Marc assisted by teaching me meditation and self hypnosis breathing exercises to help control my energy, which provided for deep focus. With Marc’s assistance, I was able to pass the Bar exam. Thanks Marc!

TEST PREP (LAW BAR); by J.Collins

I had a few hypnosis sessions this summer with you on account of taking the Illinois Bar Exam. This morning, I found out that I passed the Bar Exam! Thank you for all your help – I am sure the positive thinking and stress relief techniques you taught me surely helped me get in the right frame of mind to pass the exam. If I have any other problems/issues, I will be sure to contact you. Again, thanks for all your help!

TEST PREP (LAW BAR) & FOCUS; by Kris J. Krauss

Trial Attorney with the Federal Defenders of San Diego.
As a practicing criminal defense attorney I use Marc St. Camille’s self-hypnosis technique as a preparatory tool for every hearing and trial I have. I first sought Marc’s assistance while studying for the California Bar Exam. I was having trouble focusing and processing the incredibly large amount of information that I had to master in order to pass. Some of my colleagues who were practicing already sung Marc’s praises stating that they believed that self-hypnosis was the reason they were able to complete the exam successfully. After talking to me about the problems I was having in accessing all the information I had in my head, Marc gave me a self-hypnosis routine to practice. And he kept in contact with me afterward to make sure I was practicing like I should and to see if it was succeeding. Needless to say I passed and continue to use Marc’s technique today. It helps me stay focused and to remember key facts and case law so that I am always more prepared than the prosecutor and perform at the peak of my abilities. I highly recommend Marc St. Camille’s Power Hypnosis for anyone who wants to achieve their full potential.


I gave a great presentation yesterday. I listened to the CD’s from our sessions on the train to and from work. It really helped calm and prepare me.

PUBLIC SPEAKING; By Michael Lasher

Yesterday I conducted a 2-hour power-point training to a group of 25 lawyers. It went great. I did not have even 1 moment of nervousness or fear. I used your techniques and listened to one of our hypnosis CD recordings before the presentation.

PUBLIC SPEAKING; BY Eddie Natour, Operations Manager, CarMax

Marc helped me conquer my fear of public speaking. For years my development at work had been slowed down by my inability to speak and present in front of people. Between the rapid heart beat, the sweating and the stuttering, a few minutes felt like hours. Marc was able to help me overcome my fear and I recently went through an assessment for work in which I was able to complete a power point presentation with much success, thus leading to a promotion. Everyone at the assessment knew I had a previous challenge with public speaking. It felt great to “KNOCK THEIR SOCKS OFF”!!!!! His techniques also helped me in delivering a great best mans speech at a wedding recently. Thanks Marc.


My philosophy protocol/presentation went very well today, and my professor thought I did a really great job. I felt really good going into it. And what normally would have kept me from performing well (i.e. shaking hands, sweating, loss of speech, etc.) was not a problem. I made a great leap in progress today. I really feel like you helped me a great deal. And I just wanted to thank you for the help you have given me so far.


Marc St. Camille, or as I like to call him, MSC, has helped me overcome the biggest obstacle I’ve ever had to deal with in my lifetime. I had severe anxiety when it came to public speaking. I was horrified even thinking about standing up in front of a crowd and giving a speech. In the past, I would sweat profusely, my voice would be shaky, and my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest when I had to give a speech.

For over a year, I was feeling trapped, as if I had a handicap, right after one of my friends asked me to be the best man at his wedding. I had nightmares, I obsessively thought about it during the day, and it was negatively controlling my life. I ended up visiting MSC, by referral of a great friend of mine, and the process to overcome my anxiety began. We worked on building up my confidence, visualizing realistic outcomes, and giving a great performance. The meditation and self hypnosis exercises he taught me really worked for me. MSC helped me stay calm and relaxed when in stressful situations. As the days to the wedding dwindled, I knew I was about to achieve something so great and special for me. I was going to beat the anxieties that were troubling me for such a long time.

When the time came for me to stand up and give the speech, I was cool, confident, and ready to give the performance of my lifetime. I gave a 5 minute, best man speech that had the room filled with excitement and laughter. When I spoke, I could feel my fears leaving my body, and they were being replaced with confidence. The entire wedding reception loved my speech and I received a standing ovation. It wasn’t until after the speech that I realized I did not even sweat a little bit. My friends and people I didn’t even know came up to me after my speech and told me what a great job I did. No one ever knew the battle that I had just overcame. It was such a great feeling, and I’ll never forget that moment. I owe so much to MSC for the time and effort that he put into helping me beat my anxiety of public speaking. He is a great man and I’d definitely recommend him to anyone dealing with similar issues that I had.


By Mimi Apelqvist, VP – Consumer Goods & Retail, Cook Assoc., Inc
I started seeing Marc because I was PARALYZED by the very notion of public speaking. I had done public speaking in my career but always did horribly. I would turn bright red, my hands would shake, my heart would beat so fast I could barely concentrate on anything else, my mouth would go dry, and ultimately I would make my audience squirm due to my extreme discomfort. I would lose sleep as soon as I found out I had to speak and the agony would continue well beyond the speaking because I would be so embarrassed by my performance. After seeing Marc a couple of times, I am thrilled to report that I had to make a formal presentation the other day and miraculously did remarkably well…not just okay, but in fact got many accolades after my presentation. I thought working with Marc would make some difference but I never expected it to make such a notable difference. This experience has provided me with a great base of confidence from which I can build. Marc was exceptional in his approach, very thorough and attentive to my core underlying issues, and committed to me getting beyond this limiting fear. The results are proof! The additional tools he provides add immeasurable value as well. I categorically recommend him to get beyond any issues.


My meeting went great! The self hypnosis techniques and hypnosis really worked. Thanks so much!


I was having a lot of trouble giving speeches in front of a crowd after a 16 hour shift of training troops for the Navy boot camp. And after trying Power Hypnosis and listening to the CD recordings from my sessions with Marc St.Camille I was no longer nervous. All at once I was just relaxed to go face the world for that moment in time and give the best speech I had ever given in my life. I could not have done this without the help of Marc. If someone is having trouble with everyday life problems or just trying to improve with school, lectures or everyday stress I definitely say you need to try Marc out at least once. He will change your life.

PUBLIC SPEAKING CONFIDENCE; By Debra Amsden, VP – Broadcast Production.

I recently worked with Marc to overcome my fear of public speaking. I was honestly paralyzed at the thought of giving a speech to more than 250 colleagues. Marc helped me overcome my fear, guided me with the content of my speech, and worked with me on the perfect delivery. Never would I have imagined that after my speech I would have heard comments like, “That was the best speech of the night,” or “Your speech was SO inspiring, can I get a copy.” I will be eternally grateful to Marc for giving me the BEST evening of my career. I am still OVER THE MOON with happiness. Marc is professional, kind and cares deeply about his clients. He called me a few hours before my event to see how I was doing and to give me an extra boost of confidence. When asked to give another speech, Marc will ABSOLUTELY be my first phone call. The world is a better place because of people like Marc St. Camille. I know I’ve said this before, but I am eternally grateful to you Marc. You are a gift!”

INSOMNIA; by Jim Greene

I used the sleep hypnosis CD when I went to bed last night and finally slept soundly and woke up happy.

INSOMNIA; By Ray Silaghi

I went to Marc because I could not sleep at night. I am 26 years old. I’ve had this problem ever since I was a little child. Lately I had been very tired during the day, irritable, nervous and I was becoming very hard to put up with. I tried taking sleeping pills but they made me feel drowsy all the time and I ended up twice as tired as I was before. I was initially skeptical about hypnosis and I always thought I could not be hypnotized. But after I tried it I was very surprised how fast it works. I am now getting a good night’s sleep every night for 7 or 8 hours. Marc was able to find the underlying stress and treat it in an appropriate way. Marc made me feel very comfortable during the sessions and it seemed instantly like had I known him for a long time.

It’s now several months later and I sometimes still use the hypnosis CD recordings of our sessions but don’t need to all the time. I am now a lot more physically active and energized during the day. And I don’t have that constant fatigued feeling anymore. I am very glad that I tried this out. This is a more natural way to treat any problem compared to other therapies especially since there is no medication involved. Even if you don’t believe in hypnosis you should try to have some sessions with Marc. Trust me, everybody around you will be a lot happier – including yourself.

INSOMNIA; By Delores Zerrin

Hi Marc, just to let you know I have never been able to sleep as well as I do when listening to the hypnosis CD. It’s amazing.


I had been suffering from nightly sleep eating for 20 years. I had been to multiple sleep clinics and all the big hospitals downtown. And had no positive results from any of them. Feeling frustrated and depressed, I decided to try a hypnotist. After a couple of sessions, I now have 16 straight days of no night eating! I also sleep better. I feel less stressed and more hopeful. I report my progress through email. And Marc responds back. He cares. Marc is now helping my wife with stress and she is doing fine. In the past Marc has also helped my son who is a college athlete overcome his nerves during competition. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but I am now a firm believer in hypnotherapy.


By Mary Lynn Moody, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Illinois.
My nights had been plagued with restless sleep. I would wake up several times throughout the night and by the end of the work-week I was exhausted. I have been to 3 sessions with Marc over the past few months and my sleep has improved immensely. I listen to my CD of our hypnosis sessions as I settle into my bed, and I sleep restfully through the night with no waking up. It has improved my overall mood and energy level during the day. I never expected my sleep to improve this much! Thanks Marc!


I was in a bad place emotionally before I came to see Marc. I was depressed and anxious before my 30th birthday. I had lost the spark I had before. Somewhere in my late 20’s between bad break-ups, unfulfilling careers, I had lost the excitement and passion that I used to have for life. Everyday felt the same and boring. I found Power Hypnosis online. I took it as a sign from the Universe, as this is something I have to try. I almost broke down in tears in Marc’s office. Through working with Marc, listening to the hypnosis CDs daily, and the daily meditation practice Marc introduced to me, I feel great. I wake up feeling excited about the day, instead of dreading it like I used to. My friends, family, and complete strangers have commented on how great I look. Since working with Marc, I have noticed a dramatic positive difference in my life. Marc, I cannot thank you enough for bringing me back to life. To anyone out there who is reading this, who feels they are stuck, give Power Hypnosis one try; it is life changing and you will not regret it!

(NOTE: These clients were being treated concurrently by their psychiatrists).

DEPRESSION; by Danny Stevens, Student

I went to see you a few times five months ago for suicidal thoughts I was having. I have to admit you saved my life. Never had one suicide thought since the first time I saw you. I feel healthier. I’m happier. I’m even staying in school.


I was initially very skeptical about hypnosis. I came to Marc knowing very little about it even though I was a psychology major. Marc is a very pleasant person and a patient listener, and he artfully incorporated my goals into my hypnosis sessions. Over the course of about 5 weeks I felt my anxieties subside considerably, and I have more interpersonal confidence. I would recommend Power Hypnosis Chicago to anybody, because it works.

ANXIETY & PANIC ATTACKS; by Christy Henderson

Everything is going really well after our work together! I’m doing just great with not having panic attacks and my over all anxiety level is much lower than it used to be before we met. My psychiatrist has been monitoring my progress every three to four months for over a year now – and yes, I’m still doing great! And I appreciate you still checking in to see how I’m doing. Thanks again for everything!


Hello Marc, Let me say our first session has helped me greatly and I would like to sincerely thank you. It truly has felt like a dark cloud has been lifted and I feel this is only the beginning.


Dear Marc. I have continued with my exercise program, and I am losing lots of inches and toning up. I am still working on my weight loss program even though I have been under a lot of stress. I really appreciate you kindness and help.

WEIGHT LOSS; by Jan Barry

All is well and I am feeling great! I have been losing weight and taking back control of my health and my life!


Dear Marc, I wanted you to know that since meeting you I have eaten almost no bread, pasta, or potatoes. I have eaten some sweets, but have not gone “overboard” and I’ve lost 20 pounds with more to go yet. Working with you really helped me to get my mind ready to for my weight loss plan and have the will power to continue. It seems so easy!!!

WEIGHT LOSS; By Linda Murphy

Marc St.Camille helped me lose weight. Much more importantly, he helped me break a years old cycle of diet, binge, starve, obsess… Now, eating right is second nature to me. He also taught me a self-hypnosis technique which I employ in numerous challenging situations. I recommend him – very strongly – to anyone who has a problem behavior they would like to eliminate.

WEIGHT LOSS; by Alex Black

As of yesterday, I am down 20 pounds in two months. If not for you I would be 220 lbs by now and on my way to a heart attack. With my mind working now the way it does after our sessions I actually look forward to going to the gym. My mind and body working together. Whereas before going to the gym seemed so difficult. I feel like a totally different person. Thank you so much, I could not have done it without you.

WEIGHT LOSS; By Billy Carter

The motivation to eat healthy and exercise helped me lose and keep off 30 pounds. Power Hypnosis worked for me.

WEIGHT LOSS; by Danielle Carr

Thanks for everything. Your sessions have worked wonders! So far I have lost 50 pounds!!

WEIGHT LOSS; by Anna Smith

I can’t tell you how terrific I’m feeling! have no idea how you did it and I really don’t think I want to know how it works – just that it is working! “Free food” no longer has control over me! It is freedom that I can’t begin to describe. I am eating like my lighter self use to eat! And not feeling hungry or craving food. It is truly amazing!

WEIGHT LOSS; by S. Meshal, Hypnotherapist

Marc St. Camille is surely a legend in his own time. A truly gifted Hypnotherapist, Marc has skillfully guided me in my quest to master the areas of my life, in which I have constantly struggled to maintain control. For the past thirty years, I have battled stress, weight issues and a serious sugar addiction. After trying nearly everything else under the sun to no avail, learning that I was dangerously close to becoming a diabetic and once again, sadly considering gastric bypass surgery… I turned to Marc St. Camille as a last hope. Marc’s personalized, ingenious techniques are second to none. I never would have imagined that I would one day be regarding sweets with the same simple admiration as I do a bouquet of flowers with no interest in so much as a taste or that I would ever be the type of person who happily turns to exercise to alleviate stress and anxiety! I am astounded everyday and eternally grateful. Give yourself the priceless gifts of peace, control and complete confidence by working with this world class professional.


I had been trying to quit smoking for 9 years. I tried gum, electronic cigarettes, lozenges, and cold turkey; all of them left me stressed out and still smoking. Your method was by far the easiest of them all, and left me with very little cravings and not stressed about it. And we achieved so much more: for years I’ve been wanting to start meditating, eat healthier and exercise. But couldn’t seem to get it into gear. You got me in gear Marc; you gave me the spark I needed to implement the changes I’ve been longing to make. Here is a metaphor for what happened: I’ve spent years gathering kindling and twigs for a beautiful campfire, but had no way to ignite it. I searched high and low and found nothing to spark this fire. Depressed and sad, I knew I needed outside help. One day, on my way to work, I cried out in despair, I didn’t like my laziness, I hated my smoking habit, I wanted to make a change for the better, to ignite my fire. I asked ALL (GOD, ALLAH, UNIVERSE, THE FORCE) for help, for a guide, for anything. That same day at work, a coworker out of the blue suggests that I see you, Marc St.Camille. I had a feeling that this was the answer God had for me. I jumped at the sign. Two weeks after meeting with you I noticed my campfire blazing beautifully. Marc thank you so much very giving me the spark I needed. I’m loving life as a non-smoker, I enjoy how I feel after my daily meditations, I’m exercising more, and coping with stressful situations like a wizard. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I hereby dub you ‘Marc the Spark’.

QUIT SMOKING; By Danny Ahlfeld, Chicago Firefighter/Actor.

I struggled in the past 16 months to try and quit again, but couldn’t even put two days together. After 2 sessions with you I am again smoke free going on 1 year. I do the self hypnosis as needed and the smoking urge, which doesn’t come around much at all, leaves me. Thank You for helping give me life again!


You’re so committed to your clients’ success. Thanks for checking up! I am still a non-smoker, I’m pleased to report. I was just telling my father that I will be “2 years old” today. I am as happy today being an ex-smoker as I was the day I met you 2 years ago. Thank you for everything you did to help. I recommend you whenever I meet a smoker who wants to quit. I’m looking forward to a long, healthy and smoke-free life!


by Judy Corcoran, Advocate Health Partners.
I wanted you to know that I have not smoked since January 1, 2007. I used to smoke 2 packs a day. You are a miracle worker. I never had any strong cravings and it was a piece of cake. I recommend you to everyone.


Marc, I feel marvelous – It’s been 16 months. The thoughts of the clean smelling car and a healthy looking 50 year old me remain at the center of my daily battle. The cravings were infrequent though strong at first. But I will never smoke again because I feel so great as a non-smoker. Thanks for the follow up. I continue to recommend you to those I come across that want to quit.

QUIT SMOKING; By Bryant Frick

Marc proved to be of enormous help in my quitting smoking. After just two sessions I haven’t had a cigarette for 3 years.


Truly unreal! It has been 2 years now. I came in with a skeptical attitude, and after two sessions came out smoke free! After the first session, I walked out with a smile on my face and a feeling like a huge weight just got lifted off my back. And feeling incredible, running almost every day. I have tried gum, patches & pills with no success. I feel great! This is one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. Thank you Marc!